BETE is a world leader in nozzle design for pollution control and denoxification.

BETE Fog Nozzle INC is a pioneer in all areas of the product development, manufacture and use of nozzles (injectors) for spraying. In 1950 John Bethe invented the spiral nozzle (also called a corkscrew, curl or spiral) and since then BETE has been developing new models and improve existing ones. BETE technologies are the standard in the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, metallurgy and others.

The authorized distributor of BETE in Russia, Spray Expert, will ensure prompt solutions for your project, cooperation with engineers and the BETE production site, and supply of equipment in accordance with your requirements.

Technology Bete
Nozzles are manufactured in the USA and exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

BETE promptly and efficiently completes any customer requests for the development of nozzles and spray units.

BETE produces more than 20,000 different products including nozzles for atomized and aerosol spraying, flushing heads, injection nozzles and a huge number of different nozzles to order.


We have options in each form of spraying: from full to hollow spray cones, flat or finely-dispersed jets to our legendary spiral nozzles.

BETE has its own casting shop for the production of nozzles and ready to produce nozzles, rods and input units from a wide selection of materials:

  • nozzles from Brass and Naval Brass;

  • nozzles from Stainless Steel 303, 304, 316, 316L;

  • nozzles from Tungsten Carbide;

  • nozzles from Aluminum;

  • nozzles from Stainless Steel 317, 317L;

  • nozzles from Stainless Steel 416;

  • nozzles from Steel 904L;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy M30C;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy 600;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy 625;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy 800;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy 825;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy B;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy G;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy G30;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy C276;

  • nozzles from Nickel Alloy C22;

  • nozzles from Nickel;

  • nozzles from Titanium;

  • nozzles from Tantalum;

  • nozzles from Zirconium;

  • nozzles from Cobalt Alloy 6;

  • nozzles from SNBSC ceramic;

  • nozzles from RBSC ceramic;

  • nozzles from PTFE;

  • nozzles from PVDF;

  • nozzles from PVC;

  • nozzles from CPVC;

  • nozzles from PP;

  • nozzles from UHMW;

  • nozzles from Polyurethane;

  • nozzles from ABS.

Owing the necessary infrastructure, BETE will provide you with a complete set of documents for a ordered product to track production from chemical analysis of the ingot, certificate of origin of the product to international certification of the product. Spray Expert will provide local certification of products to the market of the Customs Union and the CIS.

If you won’t find what you need in the catalog BETE will make it especially for you and satisfy all your technical design and production needs.

Why do clients choose BETE to manufacture nozzles on request?
  1. Considerable experience of the company: The BETE team has extensive experience in designing, developing and manufacturing products.

  2. Individual approach: do you have specific requirements for the injectors? Thanks to our own mechanical and foundry shops, BETE will manufacture the nozzles according to your technical requirements (or help formulate them).

  3. Consultation of a qualified specialist: You do not know exactly what you need? BETE engineers will help you.

  4. Test and product development: Want to try something new? Experienced BETE engineers can quickly create prototypes, test them in our laboratory and move to production in the foundry and mechanical shops, relying on 60 years of experience to provide the best solutions to your problem.

  5. Carrying out calculations: Experienced BETE engineers perform analysis using the finite-element method and hydrodynamic modeling so that you know that your workflow will function before you start it.

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